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Losing Lola


Winkie Spiers
3 March, 2024 at 7:20 pm

So very sad and stressful, we are never ready to say goodbye and making such a huge decision under stress was utterly heart breaking. Writing it down will hopefully help others, it’s good to know all the options and it’s something that should be talked about more. No one wants to talk about death but it’s much a part of life as birth. Rest in peace lovely Lola xxx❤️

    26 March, 2024 at 11:20 am

    Thanks Winkie ♥️

Elisabete ( Levi)
3 March, 2024 at 8:36 pm

Dearest friend
How sad to learned that Lola pass away
She will be remembered always by us at cavaliers of london
Rest in peace little angel 💔

3 March, 2024 at 9:26 pm

Sorry that this happened and you and Lola went through this. All I can say is that she had you with her when she passed. And that’s all she would have wanted. I’m so very sorry. I think writing to the vets / that certain vet / having a follow up appointment and letting them know that you felt very pressured to make a decision in that moment and you would of appreciated some more time and options. It’s not your fault and you done everything you could that day for Lola ❤️

    26 March, 2024 at 11:19 am

    I did, they didn’t reply.

Michelle Rogers
12 March, 2024 at 7:04 pm

My heart is breaking for you. I know that pain all too well. I felt similar with all my dogs. The what ifs can destroy us. Just remember that she knew she was loved until the end. Death is not normal, for us or our animals. Sending you love and prayers for peace.

25 March, 2024 at 9:29 pm

Questa storia mi ha devastata e ha portato alla luce il mio lutto. Mai sopito. Mi dispiace tanto Nadia. forse il tuo doloroso racconto sarà utile a qualcuno. Non ci sono parole. Lei pensala felice. Tu hai bisogno di un po’ di tempo. Ma l’hai amata così tanto! Non avere rimorsi. Un abbraccio Silvia

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