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About us

Welcome to WagIt

We want to make it easy for humans (and their dogs) to access the best dog-friendly experiences – something we’ve found tricky in the past!

We’ve hand-picked our favourite spots for you, from certified groomers, to restaurants, bars & pubs that welcome dogs.

Join the WagIt community for plenty of tail wagging, and zero stress. Exploring London with your dog just got easier!



Explore the best restaurants in London with your furry companion in tow. Whether you’re looking for a casual pitstop or marking a special occasion, be safe in the knowledge that these restaurants allow dogs.

Pubs & Bars

Looking for a sprawling pub beer garden, or buckling down indoors by a crackling log fire come winter? From trendy cocktail hideaways to classic London boozers, gastro pubs and more, explore the best pubs & bars suitable for dogs. 


From a speedy nail trim to a full-works groom, find your dog’s required treatment at a certified salon near you. Enter your details, and book in an instant (we’re talking two-shakes-of-a-dog’s-tail quick).

Meet the Team

Meet the dogs & humans behind WagIt…

Nadia and Lola

Nadia and Lola are the co-founders of WagIt. One an Italian and the other a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they’ve lived in London for many years. Nadia has worked in hospitality and Lola’s ears dropped every time she wasn’t allowed to go to restaurants with her pal, whether for business or pleasure. So WagIt was born – now Lola can take Nadia wherever she goes, and vice versa!


Warren is a Product guy with over 20 years experience building and launching B2C and B2B products. He also advises startups and early stage businesses on how to accelerate their growth. Most importantly he has a handsome cocker spaniel, Barney. His favourite famous dog is Dash the Dulux mascot, an Old English Sheepdog.


Zoe is our top dog Salesperson who loves calling up venues and telling them all about WagIt. Born and bred in London, she always had the gift of the gab and put it to good use by getting into sales. Zoe comes from a family that adopts retired greyhounds so she is well aware of how important it is for people to be able to bring their dogs out. She has a greyhound of her own, Sandy, and also a cheeky Cocker Spaniel called Ernie.


Tom is a Designer & dog lover based in the Kent countryside. After living and working in London for high growth startups, he now works with new businesses to define their look and feel and create fun, engaging brands. He loves doodling dogs, so when the opportunity to work with WagIt came calling, it was a no-brainer. Tom is a fan of Longdogs and Lurchers, anything long legged with a turn of pace. His favorite famous dog is What-a-mess (Google him!)


Stacey and her adorable Romanian rescue pup Truffle are our marketing gurus. Stacey, the founder of boutique PR, Marketing & Events Agency Goho spent her career working in hospitality, events and media, with a 12-year stint at the Guardian. Stacey’s love of good food, delicious wine and her preference for spending time with dogs over humans made WagIt a perfect pairing for her. Their favourite famous pooch is Bodger the Bull Terrier from The Incredible Journey.


Phil is our resident tech advisor. Nadia met Phil many moons ago when they worked together at one of the first online reservations companies in the world. Since then Phil has led the building of tech infrastructures at some of the biggest companies worldwide. He doesn’t currently have a dog but accepted that by helping WagIt he runs the risk of a puppy being delivered to his door at any point.

Our Mission

WagIt aims to make life for you (and as a result, your dog!) enriched, simple, and stress-free. As WagIt’s founders, we’re lucky enough to share our lives with some lovely canines. But we were all too used to hanging on the phone trying to book a shampoo after a particularly enthusiastic roll in a puddle at the park – the dog that is, not us. Or not knowing if our dogs would be welcome at upcoming trips to a restaurant/pub/local caf. And so, WagIt was born.


So whether your dog is due a trip to the groomers, or you’re looking for somewhere that welcomes canine guests to the table – or underneath it, at least – WagIt is your one-stop-shop. Find the perfect experience, and book it online.


WagIt – because when our dogs are happy, we’re happy too.